Ultra Nutritious Delicious Sprouts

August 10, 2015


Sprouts are one of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, amino-acids and proteins on Earth. You can sprout almost any vegetable seed – alfalfa, lentil, broccoli, bean, clover, radish, cabbage you name it.


Sprouts are one of the most versatile foods in your kitchen, too. Every sandwich should have sprouts, every salad should have sprouts! But that is not all.


You can buy sprouts or sprout your own. Check out this video to get started


Like all vegetables, sprouts are much more nutritious raw, and since sprouts are living food, some people think it is wrong to cook sprouts, but if you prefer them cooked then cook them! Sure raw is better, but any sprouts are way better than none, so check out some of these uses for sprouts.


Sprout lentils for about 3 days then mix with your favorite fruit based dressing for a cool snack, side dish or even main dish.

Add sprouts to your favorite:



taco, burrito, quesadilla

stir-fry or fried rice recipe

pizza or



Here is a super simple sprouts recipe I found on Sprout People’s website and now I make this at least 2-3 times a month (photo from their website:


Sprouted Bean Rice Pot




  • 1 cup of bean sprouts - our favorite is Crimson Lentils, butPeasant Mix, San Francisco Mix, Beanie's Awesome Mix, or others may please you more

  • Pot of Rice

  • Gomashio is made from:

    • 1/4 cup raw sesame seeds (not hulled)

    • + 1/2 Tbs. sea salt (more or less - to taste)



  1. Make a pot of rice.

  2. While the rice is cooking, make the Gomashio:

  3. Heat a skillet (we like cast iron) over medium-high heat for 1-2 minutes.

  4. Add the sesame seeds and stir continuously until they pop and turn golden brown - 1 - 2 minutes.

  5. Remove the sesame seeds and grind with salt - we use a mortar and pestle, which works quite nicely.

  6. Grind to desired consistency. We like it course. You may also just mix it up and use it that way. Grinding is optional.

  7. Throw a big handful of your chosen Sprouts into your rice pot for the last 2-5 minutes of cooking, or mix the sprouts in when your rice is done. I like mine raw, so that's the way I do it.

  8. Transfer the Sprouts & Rice to bowls and sprinkle generously with Gomashio.


Cook the sprouts less - or even better, not at all - for higher nutrition.

This dish is a complete protein.

You can, of course, alter the proportions as desired. Sometimes one wants more or less of this or that. It's all good. VERY Good!

Add some veggies to the pot of rice the last 5 minutes to steam lightly.

We often top with sliced avacado and a little hummus too.

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